Monday, 28 June 2010

60th Birthdays, etc

Had a great time in Bradford with Chris and Mike and all their chums, ( Hello to Julie? who will be looking over Chris' shoulder when she has a look at this.) Get Back to work, both of you.! Friday had the best Indian meal.EVER. Sat was a great party, Sunday back in Surfleet with other chums. We were too late to get back to T'lodge, for the footy, although it wouldn';t have mattered. So we stayed over in Surfleet.

I am fully aware that I am becoming a "Sunset Bore". but anyway here is another !

I wont be doing any posts now for a couple of weeks, until we start CRUISING. We have to build the decking on front of The lodge, then down to Milford to take Bec some furniture,and when we come back. Trundle will be given a good old wash and brush up, and we will be off. I think we are heading towards the north, York and Ripon and Skipton.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Heres another sunset. ! Well we will have a bit more furniture delivered in 2 weeks, then we are hoping to get to see Micks daughter and family in Milford, and also to take them a couple of bits of furniture that is just toooooo big for lodge. After that there may be some danger that we can set off up the Nene and onto the canals for a few months. However Mick and Dennis are about to start building decking on the front and sides of the lodge, so who knows. It feels really great to be here, but also a little strange to not be trundlin' about. Hey ho.

A friend of ours has a big birthday this week-end. I won't mention any numbers Chris.

Anyway we have been invited to a 60th ........oooops birthday in Bradford, the land of curry.Finlay is off to R and B's for some R & R . So if we do a steady 60 miles per hour, we could get there for 4'ish.

We will be chowing down at the Shama on friday night, before the big 60th oooops birthday party on sat pm.Then I have requested a browse around the sari emporiums before we come home. I wonder if that is still on, seeing as I have mentioned Chris' 60th birthday a few times?

Friday, 18 June 2010

boxes and more boxes

So this is THE LODGE !. We love it, and at the moment, as we are moving stuff about, Trundle is moored just in front of the lodge. However, she wont be here for much longer and will have to be taken back to Fox's Boatyard.I may put in a request with the cap'n, to see if I can take her back, and he can take the car.

For the most part, the lodge suits our needs brilliantly, and when Tingdene have got their act together in bringing us the correct dining chairs and about a dozen other things that need to be addressed, we will be exstatic...... is that spelt right ?

The 1st 2 mornings we didn't sleep well, as there was a strange bird calling outside at about 3.30 AM. !!! and before anyone mentions it, NO we hadn't been to the pub, nor had we imbibed in too much cava. ! The 2nd morning I threw in the towel, and got up at 4.45 and made a pot of tea and took these 2 pics.

Thats Trundle, with the tulips on her rear.

Took Finlay for his walk here :-

and the other side of the river here :-

We are still moving stuff from here to there and still need a few bits of furniture, I say we. but thats the Royal "we", as Mick can be found most of the time in his shed a.k.a Mix 'Ut. I think he hides out there out of my way !!!!

We have also fooled Finlay, bigtime. He is not allowed on the new sofas, so we have put his bed in front of the fire, then we switch the lightbulb on and he thinks its a REAL fire, and snuggles up if front of it. What a wally !!!!

Do you know, we measured those blinking curtain so many times, and they were too short. So now I have to drop the hem and re-sew them. Bogger. !

and then this : -

A sunset for Sue in Spain !

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

...... and the 2nd half

This is the 2nd half and this is what it looks like when both bits are put together .....
Oh No, it don't fit !!!!

Oh yes it does. This was this morning, and the blokes were busy putting it all together. They worked very hard yesterday and had said that today we could have a sneaky look inside.We did, and its a beauty ( well to us, anyway). So we got to oooh and aaah and they got a jam donut each.

To the right is Mix 'Ut ( a man-shed,to brew beer and do bloky stuff in, but I am hoping to have a bit to make some vino collapso)

Can ya tell what it is, yet???( sorry Rolf Harris )

OK how about now ???

Here it comes, well half anyway. First I got an attack of the giggles to imagine living in this,( well half anyway,The other half turned up later in the day( in torrential rain) as the lorry broke down.), and then I got all emotional, but the could be my age ! apparently. It is such a lovely lodge, and other lodge owners appeared to wish us well, and remembering when it was them moving into a lodge. Mick said we looked like a funeral procession, as he and I walked solemnly behind ( the first half), accepting well wishes, and taking a million pics. what a hoot !!!!!