Friday, 30 March 2012

So its now Friday, and the good news is that we are finally
able to move. !Alwalton lock is repaired. We have moved up to the lock and onto
its mooring, and then tomorrow, we have about a 5hour cruise to Elton.
It has been lovely at Ferry Meadows, with the weather being
glorious, but the dogs do not like the pontoon as they get their claws caught
up. And at the moment we are in the
process of clipping Finlays . at a rate of 1 or 2 per day. !!!

We were woken up this morning at about 6.30, with a load of
quacking and slapping of web feet on the top of Trundle. 2 mated up mallards
were breakfasting on my pansies, Shocking. !!!.
Then I watched some posturing and snorting and shoving ( no
it wasn’t Mick, this time).The swans were protecting their females and
territory. They are a bit like dodgem cars when they get hunkered down and get

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Route

Braunston to Warwick and Birmingham( perhaps), then up Wolverhampton flight of locks and onto the Shroppie, Llangollen and Montgomery, Leeds and liverpool and the down the Rochdale to Manchester,then onto the macclesfield and peak forest canals. Now, if I have got some of the rout wrong, I am sure some kind boaty type will put me right. !
well we were off. ! Had a good night at Whittlesey and got through Stanground onto the nene. and then STOP. doh!, Environement Agency are doing some work on Alwalton Lock. so at the moment we are at Ferry Meadows. loads of birds, feathered variety, so I guess our clean and shiny narrowboat will be covered in poop, bu the time we leave. but as Mick says, we will come up smelling of roses. Hopefully work will be done by Friday, so everyone cross everything. Ta. oh and its baking hot. !!! I WANT RAIN, I WANT RAIN.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Trundles Trip 2011 .... All Points NORTH. aye up!

We're Off. ! so long as there is water, we are on our way. at the moment we are at Whittelsay about to enter The River Nene, with our chums M&J+2, on their boat.