Thursday, 28 July 2011

To Bedford.........eventually

Thurs 27th July

Crossed over the sea part of the river from Salters Lode into Denver Sluice. This takes us from the middle levels waterways and onto the Great Ouse waterways.

We had to schlep out of bed at 6am, to cross over at 7am, just as the tide had finished coming in.

I like this bit, as it always feels slightly dangerous, but I don’t think it is really. You just feel like your on the sea, and could get swept the other way, and of course, for any boaties thinking of coming down here, that would just NEVER happen, The worst that could happen is you would get stuck on a huge mud bank.

The very expensive new 12volt fridge is working brilliantly( so it should do, says Mick). And now instead of having to wait 3 days to get some ice for my gin, its done in a few hours.. It also seems very roomy. I am able to pack loads of stuff into it, you know, healthy salads, home made gazpacho. Etc. !!!!!!

So, can’t really call them Towpath Tipples, as there aren’t any. So I had better refer to them as Bankside Bevies.

Tonight we are moored at Brandon Creek 48hr mooring. The woman one side of us is Portuguese, and is a translator. Has 6 months here on her boat, and 6 months in Portugal. She is only small, but she can certainly handle her boat. The other side is a boat called Oscar Rabbit, they moor on the River Nene, nr Oundle.

This river system is wide, clear and deep,. Full of grebes- Mick’s fave bird, (after me, that is ). So we might get some wild swimming done, if the weather holds.

Took Finlay for a walk, as there is a large lay-by with picnic tables and a greasy spoon food van. As we walked past I said Hello, and the folks in the van replied with a hello, and then I heard “ wonder what type that is?”. NOW, was he referring to me or ma dawg ?????? Will leave it with you.

Tomorrow, onto Ely for a couple of days. ( by car, it takes us 30 mins. By boat 3 days ! ).