Thursday, 26 August 2010


Well, we had been drawn to this show by the last sentence on the pamphlet and flyers.
“Terrier Racing “.

It was getting to the end of the Childrens sports so, we all moved with our bales to make a smaller arena, and you could feel the excitement mounting. All of a sudden there seemed to be terriers of all ages, breeds, sizes etc. The ubiquitous Jack Russell, cairns, westies, highlands and I am sure some that weren’t strictly “ terriers”.
Mick made a stupid remark “ Should we enter Finlay ? tell ‘em that he is a Spanish terrier ?”. What ? are you mad? He will mistake some of those dark cairns for a rabbit and it will be Night Night Bunnikins.

First up was all of the terriers together. Being held by their owner with the other owner at the other side of the ring, shouting encouragement. Hah, they didn’t need it , I can assure you. !!!

They have to chase , what I think was an old cuddly toy, that had been soaked in something evil smelling. . And then it was “ are you ready ??? Release the dogs. “!

Well, the first half of the course, most of them were intent on the smelly rag thing, and then it only takes one, doesn’t it?. One Jack Russell, decided to have a go at his neighbour coming up on the inside, a few more got distracted and started “having a go” and a black mixed type, flew past and grabbed smelly rag thing.

Then it was a case of everyone trying to retrieve their dogs, for the next race. That was a hoot, as some dogs were still racing after nothing in particular, two were having one hell of a scrap, “ Bertie “ was considering having a go, until his posh lady owner grabbed him. People and dogs were chasing madly about trying to get the right combination of dog and owner. Most of the spectators were crying with laughter at this point.

Time for the next race. The so-called winner , 2nd and 3rd place had small red ribbons put on them, and were exempt from the next race. So what followed, was a race with smooth haired terriers, a race with rough haired terriers. Etc. These races all culminated in much the same way, a bit of scrapping half way down the field, one wee dog making it through, and a few dogs just haring madly about, one or two even pulling up sharp to have a sniff at where the Livestock had stood to be judged. nice.

But one of the sweetest was the race for the “under 1 year old terriers”. One lady had a JR pup, that was so small it fitted onto her hand. Anyway they let the pups have a go. They didn’t get the hang of smelly rag thing at all. They were intent only on each other. A bit of a play, a little wee , some communal sniffing of bottoms, and some pretend snarling., and the one that sat in his owners hand ? ....... just looked at it all, cried and got back into his “mums” skirt. Aaah. Everyone was laughing and aaaahing. And it was a case of “ oh well, we will bring’em next year and let’em have another go”

Now enjoy the pics. They say it a lot better than I can.

They're Off !

Look at Mctavish. On his way t'winning post !

and Yes the guy on the tannoy did make a comment about the lady in the pink. something along the lines of " theers a strange sight, terrier wearin' pink jacket"

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