Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Torksey - Keadby a fast river and a small opening

Getting close to Keadby( boats are getting big )

The lock opening( at this point we were going quite fast( for a NB) and Mick was just about to turn Trundle into the tide.

Made it, and he didn't bang the sides !!!!

So we left Torksey at 9.15 and were told that for the first 1.5 hrs we would be against the tide ( poor old Trundle), after that the tide turned and boy, we were flying. Scenery wasn't as boring as we thought it would be. Gainsborough was a bit muddy looking, but the river, for being tidal, wasn't without its beauty. We had to speak to locky( at Keadby) twice, so he knew where we were. About 20 mins from Keadby, he gave us our instructions. the lock opening was by the side of a coaster, go past opening, turn and then head back into the tide. sounds fair. Mick actually did it text book, but he said you could really feel the force of the tide, and when he saw the Keadby entrance, he felt like he was trying to put 2 pints into a pint pot. Trust him for find a drink-related comparison. !!! He did mutter something about clean underwear ???? not sure what he meant
But it was exciting, and now we are on a boring bit. Thursday night we will meet up with Steph on Witcthboy, before she heads off to Selby and York, and we will be mooring up in Leeds Armouries friday night hopefully, and then on towards Skipton.

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