Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Well, we are moving fast now to get to Gayton, Sob Sob. ( I will be fine once we get started down The Nene).  Monday nights mooring was lovely, at the top of Norton Junction. A real nice country mooring on rings( Mick likes these, as he doesn't have to hammer the stakes into the ground).
A good start off in the rain, and we picked up a hire boat of 3 New Zealanders. The ladies got some lessons in locking from me, and we all had a jolly good time going down the  Buckby Flight. These locks are deep, and the gates heavy.  They were on a meha trip of Europe, and were really enjoying their narrowboat experience.

Saw Jenny( Weedon Boats), the lady who used to own the hire fleet, of which Trundle( then Ragweed) used to belong.  She was on another boat going in the opposite direction, and called out that " She's looking good!".   who? Moi?   No, our dear old Trundle. These boats are very distintive in  their design. and we love her. !

So tonights mooring is at Gayton, ready to do The Rothersthorpe Flight of 17 leaky old single locks down to Northampton, where we leave the Grand Union Canal, for this year and join The Nene.

Next stop Northampton, Morrisons for a pie, and Argos for a parasol. !!!!!

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