Saturday, 4 August 2012

Had a nice time at Earls Barton, good mooring, but in the “wild”, which means a leap for the bank, and then out with the gangplank.  We had our own herd of sheep,  some gypo hossies, and we even managed to have our pre-dinner drinks on the bank.  Nice.

We left this mooring today(Saturday), and did a stop n shop at Wellingborough, and then on to Irthlingboro, for the night.  Massive storm, just as we moored up.  This could make the river rise.  We had been told by a passing boater, that the notorious Islip foot bridge was difficult to get under, its always the same, when the Nene is full of water. !

The Hotel boats, who should have been going down to Peterborough to collect another set of passengers, had to turn back as they are 2m10, and the bridge is 1m70.  No way for them to continue, so they will have to make other plans.

Tomorrow, we will try for Thrapston, which is the other side of this pigging bridge, we will take all the plants off  the top of Trundle.  Fortunately, we are a low boat, so might just make it.  If not, it may mean stopping at the mooring that has a very nice pub close by. J

 Cor, that feels better.

 1st downpour of the day !

 Earls Barton

 Finlay in the swim

 Finlays new best friend.

 I wonder if Larry the Lamb can tell me how this lock thing works. ????

 Lovely mooring.

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