Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The river level has dropped very slightly, but not enough to go yet.  There are quite a few boats now all breasted/rafted up, and waiting for the off.  Could be tomorrow.  We are now crowded with a big hire boat from gayton, plus another private boat.   They are at all sorts of angles, as this little mooring at the nine arch bridge is small and tricky to get into.

The river inspector, Roy Smith, has been to see that we are all okay, and is there any help that we need.  What a nice bloke. NB Arachne had the personal touch, so to speak, as their thetford cassette( toilet), needed to be emptied at an elsan point.   Then EA guy, Dave Barnard, came and collected  Peter and his poo, and took them off to get it emptied.
Roy informed us that there is a problem with the Peterborough Pump Out, and that as we get closer to Peterborough, we should give him a call, and if the problem is not fixed, he will send out a portable pump out.

We are now overdue on our licence, and some people haven't been able to get one. !  However, we have been told that , because we are stuck through no fault of our own, this will not be a problem.

One can't say fairer than that.

Top marks to all the EA blokes, I say.

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