Tuesday, 1 September 2009

So its been a while since I blogged.

For any Doubting Thomas' in Spain, who do not think we have had much of a summer, just look at Mick's plates. !!!! Tiger feet, Grrr

We went to The Globe for a meal, as I had requested, and its was lovely.Very pretty inside, loads of candles and NO tongue n groove cladding ! Food was great, although Mick ( he had ordered brisket of beef) had a wobbly when he saw his. " No, No I have got a burger, look look". No Mick its brisket of beef done in medallions. Also his GLASS of rioja was £5.50, Wow ! we buy it from the region of rioja for about £5 for 5 litres !

Back to Milton Keynes and caught up with Mel and Pete and family. we had also stopped off at Fenny Stratford, before hand, as Scooby had given us info on a paki supermarket that did a good deal in wine. So we found it, and purchased 6 bottles for £12. When I got it back to the boat I looked at the label on the Pinot grigio. It said " Ungarian" so that would be from the country of " Ungary" then. hee hee. it tastes alright anyway. and no we couldn't run Trundle on it,either !

Anyway, we had a good evening on Trundle at Bridge 80 with the Venis family, and then the next day they came and collected us and took us shopping. Ooooh. Mel said " want to go to Ikea, Jen ?" what ? did I !!!!. It was great and Mick didn't keep asking how much longer were we going to be as we were " in company". Heee heeeee. Thanks a lot, you guys. see you next year.

Finlay just has to be "in "!

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