Thursday, 29 July 2010

Started today at 8.30 and stopped at 2pm.

Passed Trundle's old home and had a chat with Norman and Jen Clarke( they owned the fleet). We did the Buckby Flight of locks swith some nice folks and some interesting young people. Hmmm. well we should have shared a lock with them, but was then informed by an adult, that they were young kids from London who had issues with discipline. Does that me no "clip around the ear" then ? He said he preferred to do locks just on their own. There were about 12 troubled kids and 3 or 4 adults, I reckon. Anyway one of these kids started ordering me about like he was a teacher, so I soon put him in his place,nicely but firmly, and told him that its not a good idea to open a paddle when a boat is still coming into a lock. Also showed him some other top-tips about windlass x 2, when a paddle is very stiff. Heyho. then he startled me by saying " I like you shoes", was he taking the p...? or what ? apparentley, today I am mainly wearing "trendy" (Ha ! thats a laugh), canvas shoes. anyway I gave him the benefit of the doubt and said Thanks.

Saw this great old boat. Cor, if you could only hear its engine.
Moored tonight on the Leicester Arm of the GU. breezy.

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