Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bucky to Cossington

This was a lovely secrective mooring spot that we saw last year, and we were lucky enough to find it again and stay.It was just after the Watford flight, where I had had a slight "menopausal moment" and nearly opened the lock in the wrong sequence. Lockie said i should refer to it as and "interlecutal Interlude". ok, fine by me. Problem is we are running out of wine. Cripes. !

Sat am we left this great spot, I spied some geese on the bank, and practised my goose "honks". I manage to stop them eating, but have managed to get any in the water and following us, as they did last year.

Stayed overnight at Foxton, as I wanted to do them first thing in the am, when there are no gongoozlers around. Some old chap referred to Mick as my Dad !!!! made me laugh, Mick felt that the bloke ,perhaps need to get some glasses. Thats the polite version.

Stopped opposite Wistow Park for an overnighter. This was strange as a rather sooper-dooper boat had put himself right in the middle of a mooring space big enough for 2 boats. Think he had Marlene Dietrich syndrome, but anyway, I had always wanted to have that view to wake up to( beautiful, rolling parkland with sheep and cows), and we tucked ourselves on the end( being only 45ft we can get most places). normally when something like this happens, the other boater would come out and offer to move his boat up. Not this guy. He put his Cat Stevens musice on loud( great, we like Cat), and did some work on his boat, but refused to meet our eye. we were quite happy to say hello. They played some great music too, so it saved us having to use our power. When we left, he was peering through his side hatch , and I was just about to say "good morning", but he withdrew his head, like a shy tortoise, and peered at us through the gap where the hinges are. !

This little guy and his family, cleaned some algae off Trundles' bottom in exchange for a slice of bread.

Finlay had a new neckerchief ! He is also after some Beef roll, but he didn;t get any.........................not much anyway.

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