Wednesday, 21 July 2010

we're Cruising !!!

Whey hey, we are on our way. Left Floods Ferry yesterday and now we are moored at Elton on the lovely River Nene. Finlay was yipping, yapping and yowling with excitement to get off and sniff and wee all around the rabbit holes, and then he managed to find a stick, so the lucky little blighter has had a great swim. The river is gin-clear, and I am of a mind to have a swim too.

Mick is about to put his rod out.

We will be heading for the Ashton cut nr to Oundle tomorrow, and will probabaly have 2 nights there. Mick asked if I had enough bread for him ( for his fishing) and I asked if he had enough "bread"for me to browse the classy charity shops in Oundle. A deal has been struck.

Took some pics, but have accidently wiped them off.

Hope all my blog-trotters are well and happy. Thank you for following my ramblings. X

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