Thursday, 22 July 2010

Entertainment, big wheels and history.

This was the lovely mooring at Elton. It was a full house last night, and just as I as contemplating a swim, we heard a rather regal voice booming out. I will refer to them as Margot and Jerry. I think she may have been a mems'hab( if there are any still alive) or failing that she was def a lady who was used to telling people what to do, how to do it etc. She strode around the lock directing operations( there were 2 boats travelling together), then one of the rather timid lady-travellers enquired as to whether both boats would fit behind us.She was told, witheringly, that yes of course, plenty of room, and " DO GET ON THE BOAT ,BOOMER"(
nice but timid dog). This lady had the sort of husband who gave great guffaws of laughter at his own story-telling. When I hear " Time for a gin, darling?" I switched off. I had got mine in my hand. it was very entertaining. and now we are at Ashton Lock,in the little backater there in pole position, waiting for them to come through. No-one yet. I hope thay haven't turned back. Cripes. !

Chris, when you phoned this am, and I said that we were just coming up to a lock. This was it. Those wheels take some turning, I can tell you. Most of the locks are electric now.

History buffs - If I say "Off with her head". do you know where this is ??? Clue, not that you bright sparks need one, but a book was called " The road to F..............."
So it is now thundering and raining. Mick has his rod out in the hope of a spot of fishing. I am waiting for the posh folks to come along, and Finlay is sulking cos he wants to go rabbit - sniffing.
We are staying here for 2 nights, I think,

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