Sunday, 22 August 2010

Finlay on the buses & Racing Terrriers

Shire Horse( it were a winner) sorry for the "lancy" dialect

Arrived lovely Skipton. We walked, did the museum, then I took Mick on another walk, up to Skipton Castle and beyond. Looked for a jig-saw mat. ( chris has come up trumps, as usual), went to the pub and fish and chips, Mick bought a winning lottery ticket !!! If Sue in Spain is still interested in reading the blog, I may be getting a text, as she is bound to want to know how much ? aye up !. Had a great time. On thursday another boater had told us about bus to Settle, so off the three of us went. Mick went for free ( with his old chaps card), Finlay went for free( old dog) and Jenny had to pay £6 return. ! HOW MUCH ????? Lovely place, and had a long walk all around it before gettin "back on't bus". all the bus drivers think they are racing drivers, they dont half fly around the corners. up you get, boy ! ah , but which one ?


Friday we moved upto Gargrave( the furthest we can get due to the drought), and we had seen signs for the 106th Gargrave Ag.Show( wonderful and sooooo funny). However on the way, the wind got up ( all boaters hate the wind, you know,) and something happended that I have never seen before. Mick and I were disputing about how hard I was pulling Trundle into the side for mooring up, when a gust of wind came along, took his cap off his head, turned it around neatly and plonked it back down again, back to front. !!!!!. what a laugh !

Next day we went off to the show. we had been drawn by the " terrier racing-last event". absolutley intrigued. Asked a bloke on the gate when it was to take place " about 4.30, when everyone is beered up "( in a thick lancashire accent). So we had a wander around, poking about in all the tents and looking at the timetable for events coming up. We had missed the "Hunters" being judged at 9am. damn. ...... so we saw, Shire horses, then we saw judging for " 'Eifer in milk" " Best 'eifer wi' caaaalf", " Bull wi' best set of bol....." NO, not really. Then we went off to see the shetland ponies being judged. blimey they say owners start to look like their dogs . Oi. more on this later. but the lady? judging the ponies was almost the build of a shetland.and she had this enrmous hat pulled right down over her face ( remember Freddy " parrot-faced" davies?)

Wandered over to the sheep pens and far too many breeds to mention. they all taste good with rosemary, garlic, lemon etc. Finlay went for a drink, and then realised it was sheep dip. What next ? Kids fancy dress on ponies. ahhhh. Poor little sod, there was only one. He were dressed up as a packet of polos, and his litttle 'oss wore a green and black shroud covered with fake polos. Nere the mine, lad, Granny took him all around the enormous ring, and then he did a lap of honour !!!!!! Granny was a real country farm type, all tweed jacket, and rosy face.

Next will be Finlay and I enter a competition, and much much more. !!!

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