Sunday, 22 August 2010

Long time no blog, but lots to tell

a lovely view

Leeds by night

Sunday we left Lovely Leeds( 15th Aug)and trundled off to Apperley Bridge in the
Company of Norman on his soon to be named boat “wild thing”. We would end up travelling all the way to Skipton with him. So much easier with two boats.

Chris and Mike ( Yorkshire tykes or is it ticks?), called to the boat with a bag of cookers from the garden, 3 jig-saws ( I reckon she thinks we get bored on boat !), plus a bag of bottles from Morrisons, that we had requested. they stopped to have a bit of tennis balling with Finlay, plus a drink, and then we were spirited away to their house to wait for George and Ellie ( their besties), and off we all trundled to The Shama in Bingley. Best Indian meal ever, and the nice surprise was that we were all being treated by Chris as a thankyou for helping out at her birthday party – 60th !. It was our pleasure and thank you again, Chris.

So next morning we pressed on towards Bingley 5 Rise.. With the water shortage at the summit of the Leeds/Liverpool, they are letting boats UP in the am and DOWN in the pm. We moored at The Fishermans public house. What a surprise !.- this is just before the 3 rise and 5 rise staircase locks. Watched the RSPCA rescue a swan. He seemed to have something lodged in his throat.possible fishing line, so they whipped him off for a check-up. We will have a look on the way down to see if he is back.

We wanted to be first boats up in the am, and at 6am, this woman was walking by the boat , saying into her mobile phone “ Quick, there are no boats queued at the locks”. Ha, with that we 2 boats were up and away, and beat them to it by about 15 mins. As they say “ the early narrowboat catches the lock.!”.

Took us 1.25 hrs to do both staircases. Not that we are allowed to do owt. The lockies do it all, as they are quite complex locks and in the wrong hands very dangerous.Barry the head lockie has a gong from Lizzie, as a thankyou for his 33 years service to Bingley.

The canal to Skipton was a little shallow, but as long as you went slowly, it was ok.Came to a built up area and some woman in her garden was saying something to us. By the look on her face it wasn’t exactly “ have a nice day” but more “ slow down, you shoud be doing walking speed “ “ we are”. How slow does SHE walk ???

Bingley was the last of the locks, now its all swing or lift bridges. Some where you have to stop the traffic. Gulp. But heyho. I don’t look the car drivers in the eye, just in case they are gesticulating or whatever. Not my fault that they live near a canal in an area of outstanding beauty.
Going along it started to rain a bit, Norman in Wild thing, was following and I shouted back to ask him if he wanted a sarnie?( his mrs was catching up with him in Skipton). Yes please was the reply, but how to get it to him ? Mick came up with a good idea. Pass it to a waiting hireboat and ask them to pass it to him as he passes by. Brilliant. Everyone had a giggle about flying cornbeeef butties !

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