Saturday, 7 August 2010

Loughbrorough to Nottingham

On the way out of Lough and at the first lock, I spied something I had never seen before !. A Cat and a Rabbit, playing together. The little girl in the garden saw me looking so I asked if they were buddies, and yes they were, but they wouldn 't pose for a piccy.

Last night we moored up on the Beeston/Nottingham canal. Its great. Clean and tidy and has a real nice feel about it. The boats in front and behind us, were young folks with very small kids/babies aboard. They all made their own amusement, playing on the grass opposite. Its was really nice..

Trundled off this morning, and left the canal behind and onto the big, wide river. Its beautiful, and boy are there some gin-palaces cruising along here. They bounce us up and down as they roar past. good fun, though. Mick raised his can of Speckled Hen to one lady on her "liner", and she looked down at us far below and raised her .............................................. Champagne flute. that gave us a real giggle.

Finlay has developed a real problem with the rail bridges. Every one we go under, he spends about an hour shaking and looking forlorn. We keep trying to distract him by shouting " Rabbits!", but it doesn't always work.

This afternoon we have moored at The Bromley Arms, Fiskerton( and before you all say summat about us mooring outside of pubs, on this stretch of river, there is no choice, because its a RIVER, see. !)There is a monster boat behind us( the sort we like, dutch barge), and of course, a wag at the pub bust a gut to tell us that the man on board is a LORD( yeah, well we know one or two !!!) and the richest man in Nottinghamshire !

One of our chums is a count, Honest, he bought the title .

Anyway here are some pics. Tomorrow onto Newark on Trent.

The old Fellow,Morton and Clayton building. The regeneration in Nottingham is amazing and done well. All along here are restaurants/bars( to be tried on the way home )

A beautiful river.

The locks are BIG. !

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