Thursday, 5 August 2010

Chap with a cats face. !

I knew I had something else to tell you. When we stopped in Leceicster, I went into the LOCKED castle gardens in the morning to let Finlay do his biz. and there was a couple sitting on a bench and the bloke had the face of a TABBY CAT. !!! No, I hadn't smoked a weird cig, nor had a drink at that time of the day. ! He was tattooed with whiskers , little snout etc. He looked a right prat, I can tell you. He even spoke to us, well he wanted to know all about Finlay. I had a job keeping my mouth closed, as it had dropped to the level of my knees, at this point. All I can say is he can't have been a very good puss, as Finlay would have given chase !!!!!! miaow, saucer of milk for me. !!!! it gave me a good giggle to start the day off , anyway.

We moved down from the canal nr Loughborough and onto the wharf, as I want to top up with water. Also after we had been shopping, some rotten sod had let their dog crap( enormous pile) by the boat. There was a dog bin 2 steps away. Anyway, some of you know what I am like with dog-poop. I wrote a large note calling them irresponsible, and stuck it in the pile ( enormous !) with a stick. I felt sick, so we had to move.

Have been checking out fuel prices on the way to Nottingham, and they are going up, up up. So thats it tomorrow Nottingham., and pastures new for us. and it is going to be raining, great ,,, and mick has said that we will have a meal out. whey hey. double great.

Oh the last thing that made me laugh today. Theres a kid on the boat nr to us with his granddparents. I reckon he;s hyper and guess what his name is ????? FINLAY ! yeah.

Hope you had a great birthday, Roger Wicks. ! I know you don't follow the blog, but Jackie may, and she can tell you that I have given you a mention. Chris, you know where we are going

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