Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A nice big bull. !

Left Leicester yesterday in the company of a nice young couple on NB Lucky Duck, they too, have a blog. Mick and I got quite a surprise, as the young fella is a teacher,they both look so young, Sorry James and Amy, if you should read this, but this happens when you get to our age. EVERYONE starts to look young. Aaarghhhh !. We had to water up ,and they continued on their way. At one of the locks coming away from Leic, there were a load of youngsters on an outward bound sort of thing. they were taking their own sweet time doing the lock with their canoes and kayaks . I enquired as to whether anyone was supervising, and was told most definitley that there was " but you can't hurry 8 years olds " ! I could.

We moored up at fave mooring spot. Bit wiffy compared to last year and then I had another look at the map. we are twixt 2 sh.. sewage farms. !. Wind must have been in the wrong direction .

Anyway today we met another set !!!! these were older. At Barrow Deep, there were 2 day trip tugs with loads of bladdered girls on, and they took an age, but that was quite a laugh . Mick was a bit sad, as these girls weren't dressed up in fancy outfits.( the last group of girls we saw were wearing very short and low-cut little sailor suits !!!). so they banged and crashed their way out of the lock. Then the kids started sorting themselves out, I went back to the boat and made a coffee. However when I went back, as they were older, they had got their act toether, and were told to help myself and the dutch lady on the other boat, with the lock. great stuff.

So tonight we are in Loughborough, and apparently tomorrow we are off to visit the Bell Foundry. The oldest and largest in the WORLD. ! and on particular thursdays they cast a bell. so quite looking forward to that. Also they dont practise 'elf n safety. !

Remember Micks "old lady type" trolley bag. He broke it.! There was so much Speckled Hen, chilean red wine etc. he lifted it up and bust the handle but, of course, Mick went to B+Q, got some long screws and mended it. !!! Thats recycling. !

The next blog could be from the Trent, but not the tidal bit yet !. Kennet and Avon is closed, alledgedly. and as you know, Chris Frost, we are in Loughboro. !

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